Strongman Nick Best, Wangzha Shangzun , Replies to Attorney’s Questions.大力士尼克貝斯特,旺札上尊聖體質金剛大力王回答律師問題

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Dear Ms. Melissa, Esq.,

-You asked me what kind of strongman I am and how I became a strongman.

I participated in many strongman competitions all over the world and no one has matched my feats of strength. My records for my weight and age brackets in strength events have remains unbroken to this day.

I am a strongman. But I am also a reincarnated Rinpoche. When I was little, I was recognized by Kalu Lama, who bestowed upon me my Rinpoche name of Kanqian Wangzha Gongbo.

I really learned the authentic Buddha Dharma in 2002 under Buddha Master, Namo Dorje Chang Buddha III. My Buddha Master had come to the United States from China and was then known as Vajradhara Great Dharma King Yeshe Norbu. I humbly beseeched Buddha Master to take me as a disciple and Buddha Master held a refuge ceremony for me. I continued to go by the name of Nicholas Kanqian Wangzha Gongbo.

From that time on I have cultivated and studied the real Buddha Dharma under Namo Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Buddha Dharma greatly altered the composition of my body, as well as my mind and spiritual state. My strength utterly changed.

Namo Dorje Chang Buddha III is my Buddha Master to whom I owe the utmost gratitude.

-You asked me how I trained to become the strongman that I am.

I am able to teach the physical training involved in becoming a strongman. However, that alone will not enable you to reach my level. My strength also derives from the blessings of Buddha Dharma. I can only tell you this much, because the Buddha Dharma cannot be transmitted lightly.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,

Nicholas Kanqian Wangzha Gongbo.


"Melissa律師,你問我我是什麼樣的大力士以及我是怎麼成為大力士的。我參加過整個世界上很多的大力士比賽,沒有人比得上我的力氣。我在我的體重和年齡段創下的大力記錄,直到今天還沒有人打破。我是一個大力士,但我也是一個轉世仁波切。當我小的時候,我被卡盧喇嘛認證,他給我起的仁波切名字為堪千・旺札・公博。我真正學到正宗的佛法是在2002年,跟隨佛陀師父 南無第三世多杰羌佛。我的佛陀恩師從中國來到了美國,當時是以金剛總持大法王益西諾布為人們所熟知。我慚愧地祈求佛陀師父收我為弟子,佛陀師父為我舉行了皈依儀式。我的名字還是叫尼古拉斯・堪千・旺札・公博。從那時起,我在 南無第三世多杰羌佛的教導下修行並學習真實的佛法。佛法斷然改變了我的身體結構和精神狀態。我的力氣完全變了, 南無第三世多杰羌佛是我最尊貴的恩師。你問我我是怎麼修成我這樣的大力士的。我可以教成為大力士的鍛鍊方法,但是,僅靠著這個是不能夠達到我這樣的程度的。我的力氣還來自於佛法的加持。我只能告訴你這麼多,因為佛法不可輕易傳。謝謝你的理解。





Nick Best

3.81萬 位訂閱者We did Squats up to 775lbs, 500lbs for 18 reps on deadlifts, 300lb sandbag carry and drags 20 meters each way, band hyper extensions, and 125lb side bends.

Professional Strongman, On the History Channels- Strongest Man in History, 9 time Worlds Strongest Man competitor 2 time Worlds Strongest Man Finalist and World Class Powerlifter. #1 ranked Master 308lb Powerlifter in the World.

旺扎上尊證到了真正上超三十段的聖體質金剛大力王,從人類有史以來,世界上至今無人打破他的紀錄,旺扎上尊和另外的三個大力士,他們四個人實際到世界各地,對應並打破了歷史上世界大力士們創造的紀錄,旺扎上尊(即Nick Best,上尊英文全名為Nicholas Kanqian Wangzha Gongbo Best)被大力士界稱為大力士祖父(英文:Grandfather of Strongman),美國的歷史頻道(History Channel)電視台也專門跟隨實地記錄報導。